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  • Poppinjay Green Tea story
  • Vibe Bench Seat at Washingborough Hotel
  • Poppinjay Aztec chairs
  • Domaine de la Baume
  • Cashiers Showhouse
  • Decorex Sofa Cushions
  • Decorex Footstool
Poppinjay Collection
Inspired by an Ian Sanderson archive print from the 1930s, Poppinjay is an interpretation of an Elizabethan-style design brought into the 21st century in a modern vintage-style interior.


Since launching this Collection, the fabrics have been used in a variety of interesting and sometimes unexpected interiors. As well as many residential projects, Poppinjay has been the key inspiration for many individually styled country restaurants, hotels and gastro pubs to provide a warm, cosy, colourful, rustic vintage look.
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